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So it turns out that Galaxy Parade has at least enough supporters to help us achieve first place in Bytejacker's Free Indie Countdown! Thank you, everybody who's enjoying Galaxy Parade, on our website and on Kongregate, and for voting!!

Of course, this episode of Bytejacker came with some good and some bad news. It looks like Jon Rivera is leaving and the show will be on hiatus until September 30th while host Anthony Carboni settles into his new place in San Francisco.

If you're not yet watching Bytejacker, an absolute MUST for indie gamers, now is a good chance to catch up! Besides, we plan on being featured in future episodes if we can help it!

Play Galaxy Parade now... and don't forget to watch Bytejacker!

Rene Shible, Lead Developer - Galaxy Parade, Team Black Dog
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9:10 PM

A great photograph courtesy of photographer/all-around nice guy Ian Muttoo! I hope your son enjoyed the game, Ian!

Well, this post is pretty late! What can I say other than we've been happily busy with new projects. Anyway, a couple of weekends ago we attended Polaris 24, a Toronto-based sci-fi convention. Although we only went for two of the three convention days, our time spent there in the Game Corner (a name we cooked up while discussing ways to drum up some traffic in our lonely corner of the hotel) was certainly eventful!

We set ourselves up across two tables - one to show off our promotional items and prizes, and another one where players could enjoy the game on a couple of different machines.

During the first day of the con, attendance and traffic in our area was pretty low. Aside from not being clearly labeled on event maps, getting to our section was a bit of an out-of-the-way walk. In fact, attendees had to travel so far to get to our 'Game Corner' that it seemed more like you had left the convention area and were just walking through the hotel when you tried to get there! The truth is that on the first day, we could count the number of visitors that we got on one hand. But that's a generous way to recount our first evening. You could actually count the number of visitors we had on ... two fingers.

On day two, we decided to get aggressive.

We'd like to think that our impromptu marketing tactics were responsible for generating interest in the happenings of our remote lair.

Having assessed what we were dealing with, we spent the night (and morning) before day two of the convention making up posters, flyers and other visual aids to bring attention to what we were doing. Thanks to my sister Nathalie, handy in all things practical, and my brother German, a veritable old hand at bailing me out of tight situations, day two went much better!

We shared our 'Game Corner' with Erin Miklos who was at the con representing Pownz Gaming. Displaying an array of classics alongside our indie games turned out to be a great experience for us and for the attendees! Thanks, Erin, for the help and company!

High score contest winner Simon Liu displaying his unique playstyle - he actually played like this and beat out all the other high scores! Congratulations, Simon - your prize will be in the mail soon!

Saturday represented, for us, the height of the event. Although we decided not to attend on Sunday for various reasons, the event was a great and positive experience. We learned so much and got a first-hand chance to observe people's reactions to what is effectively a hardcore 8-bit style shooter. Without a doubt we will be attending similar events in the future, ready to apply everything we learned during our short stay at Polaris 24!

Rene Shible, Lead Developer - Galaxy Parade, Team Black Dog
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12:35 AM

This weekend, from July 16th through July 18th, Revolver Games will be demoing Galaxy Parade and some of our other current works at Toronto sci-fi convention Polaris 24!

During the event, we'll be hosting a weekend-long high scores contest where players and guests can earn all sorts of Galaxy Parade themed prizes!

For the event, we had 1-inch buttons made at Crucial Pins and ordered some awesome looking Galaxy Parade t-shirts from Come Get Customized. Both can be found in Toronto and are absolutely great sources for professional looking promotional materials and merchandise. Pictures can be seen below.

If you're in the neighbourhood, a fan of sci-fi, or just looking to share some one-on-one face time with the crew at Revolver Games (just talking industry, games, developments, sharing ideas or whatever), you should definitely stop by Polaris 24 this weekend!

We're really looking forward to having a good time and sharing our work at Polaris 24 - who knows, we may even take some pictures or videos to keep everybody updated on our weekend adventures!

Rene Shible, Lead Developer - Galaxy Parade, Team Black Dog
By Rene
8:35 AM

We've recently decided to release the full version of Galaxy Parade on our own website, as well as on a few others! We'll be releasing details of which websites you can play Galaxy Parade on soon - but in the meantime, feel free to visit www.galaxyparade.com to play the full version of Galaxy Parade... or just click here to play the game right now!

In other news, this blog is a little screwy right now ... we changed the way we publish posts and it seems to be having an adverse effect on our older posts! I'm sure we'll have it back to normal soon!
By Rene
5:45 PM

While we here at Revolver Games continue to work out licensing and sponsorship details for the coming release of Galaxy Parade, we wanted to provide everybody with a new playable segment from the main game, the challenging Third Galaxy! This new demo, playable here, is built off of the final version of Galaxy Parade and features many new new options, available to the player for the first time, such as a chance to continue after losing all lives, a control configuration screen, a sound test and a handy how-to-play section for beginners! Keep in mind that Galaxy Parade is a challenging game (something that we take pride in), and this Third Galaxy Demo forces players right into the action, so be patient and remember to use your special weapons if things get tough! We hope you enjoy the new demo and continue to look forward to the full release in the near future!

In the Third Galaxy, the player sees the Perseus through the hulking Titan called Labyrinth. Although Labyrinth can not be destroyed, the numerous enemies dwelling inside of him pose a great threat to the Perseus. Play the demo here!
Rene Shible, Lead Developer - Galaxy Parade, Team Black Dog

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By Rene
2:07 AM

Find us on Youtube... we'll be uploading trailers and game play videos as we create them! We'll also be hosting a certain secretive contest for Galaxy Parade soon... Rene Shible, Lead Developer - Galaxy Parade, Team Black Dog
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11:01 PM

Subject to the wicked vicissitudes of this capricious dimension, the Perseus drives forward with unyielding conviction. A road mired by havoc and warfare; a deep path of light carves into the night vaunting the champion's triumphant journey.

In Galaxy Parade, the player will travel through four unique Galaxies, each characterized by its own backdrop and a unique set of trials for the player to overcome.

The First Galaxy is fairly straight forward. Here the player can learn how to operate the Perseus efficiently, and how to deal with enemies of all sorts.

The Second Galaxy requires the player to navigate the Perseus through fields of both Asteroids and Mines. Enemies here are no more aggressive than in the First Galaxy, but their coordinated attacks may be hard to overcome.

In the Third Galaxy, the player sees the Perseus through the hulking Titan called Labyrinth. Although Labyrinth can not be destroyed, the numerous enemies dwelling inside of him pose a great threat to the Perseus.

The Fourth Galaxy, sitting near the heart of the Fifth Dimension, appears at first to be merely a landscape of clouds stretching out forever. What secrets does the Fourth Galaxy hold for the pilot of the Perseus? Watch out! This is where the most impressive and dangerous enemies live!

Aside from the anticipated challenge of blasting your way through a battalion of enemy fighters, each Galaxy also features its own set of Missions, which can be viewed under the Missions selection in the Main Menu. Although the Galaxies are quite challenging at first, learning how to effectively use the Parade Meter, as well as the various available weapons, will help the player to clear levels and complete the many available missions much more easily. Completing some missions will even allow the player to unlock extra options on the Main Menu, such as the Galaxy Select option or the secret hard mode known only as Another Galaxy... Rene Shible, Lead Developer - Galaxy Parade, Team Black Dog


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